Renters are becoming increasingly engaged with sustainable living. Demand is high for energy efficient products. Is it time to enhance your awareness?

Retrofitting your multifamily property for green sustainability can mean small changes or large changes but you should start somewhere. There are no one-size-fits-all answers because every property is different.

Start by measuring your energy efficiency and thinking about where you can improve.

18 tips to make your property energy efficient

1. Replace fluorescent and incandescent lighting with energy-efficient lighting systems.

2. Use drought-resistant, native plants for landscaping. Use grey water, irrigation sensors and timers.

3. Utilize lighting controls that offer timers, bi-level switching, dimmer settings and motion sensors.

4. Replace drafty single pane windows with double or triple pane windows.

5. Install ceiling fans to maximize heated or cooled air flow. Change their direction seasonally.

6. Use the Energy Star Online Bulk Purchasing Initiative and purchase energy-efficient appliances in bulk at discounted prices.

7. Install solar panels and obtain a Section 48 tax credit—a 30 percent tax credit for the Solar Investment Tax Credit otherwise known as ITC.

8. Change and clean your HVAC filters every month during the high cooling and heating seasons. Practice regular monthly maintenance of your cooling and heating equipment to stay energy efficient through the year.

9. Upgrade your HVAC systems to energy efficient models. Replace chlorofluorocarbon chillers. Aim for modern energy efficient standards in your equipment.

10. Utilize insulated blinds and shades to control sunshine. This can be used in the summer and winter seasons to encourage or reduce heat increases through sunshine.

11. Adequately insulate the interior of your building. Apply insulating panels to the building’s exterior to increase insulation. This will aid heating and cooling efficiency.

12. Windows and doors frequently cause significant heating and cooling losses so be sure to install caulk, glazing and properly seal.

13. Reflective roofing reduces the heat island effect in urban settings. Investigate the cool roof or the green roof as ways to cut the heat effect and deal with storm water runoff.

14. Install a recirculation pump to your recirculating domestic hot water system (DHW). Insulate all exposed hot water piping and turn down water heater/boiler thermostats to the minimum temperature required for hot water needs.

15. Install low-flow plumbing fixtures including new shower heads, faucet aerators, flush valves, and dual-flush systems. Make leak detection part of regular maintenance.

16. Use LED exit signs.

17. Use sleep settings on all office equipment. Printers, copiers, scanners can automatically enter a low-power sleep mode while they are not being used. Refer to their service manuals for instructions.

18. Install programmable, smart thermostats.

Even if you’re not planning any improvements, you can still budget ahead for when one is needed or wanted. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you along the way.

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