We design mentoring and consultancy programs tailored to your needs. Our programs are not “one size fits all.” Nor should they be. We offer individualized consulting and education services for every aspect of the single-family and multifamily real estate investment process.


Level I

For the First-Time Real Estate Investor

A reality-based overview of the real estate deal from start to finish with a special focus on what the new investor may have heard from the so-called “gurus” of the real estate world that is often misleading. For the First-Time Real Estate Investor offers a clear and comprehensive guide for the first-time investor.

Level II

Making the Multifamily Real Estate Deal

For mid-level residential real estate investors who want to get into multifamily properties and/or buy a first apartment building. This is a full apartment investing course geared to helping you find, analyze, acquire and operate specific multifamily deals.

Level III

The Business of Multifamily Investing

Designed for the serious real estate investor, The Business of Multifamily Investing is an intensive, long-term program for those who are ready to take the next step in real estate investing. Real estate, first, is a business.

Multifamily Investing Consulting Services

Theresa Bradley-Banta Real Estate Consultancy offers individualized consulting services for every aspect of the multifamily real estate investment process. This service provides support for a variety of specialized topics, including, but not limited to: deal analysis; market and property due diligence; negotiation; portfolio analysis; operations policies; and strategy development.

We offer the right level of support for you to succeed.

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