Finding opportunities to network with real estate investors can be a big boon to your own business in many ways, from the financial side to the creative angle. Partnering with someone else can help make your next dream deal become reality, and when you forge those connections, you’ll be able to gain valuable insight and share ideas and strategies.

Since investors don’t just fall out of trees, you’ll have to do a little legwork to connect with them. Try the methods below to get your foot into the front door!

Look in your own backyard

Chances are, everyone from Jerry the real estate agent to Barb the REO attorney has had contact with other investors, and it’s even better if you’re connected to an investor through someone you actually know. Speak to the real estate professionals in your life right now and see if any names come up.

Make the time to meet any new investors you connect with this way. Even if you’re looking for a partner on a specific deal and he or she isn’t interested in it, you still might make a fruitful connection in other areas.

Try seminars and conferences

Investors do attend area conferences and seminars related to real estate investing. For some, these gatherings are continuing education and offer the chance to learn something new, while for others they’re a solid opportunity to network with real estate investors. Either way, you’ll have the chance to meet some investors and forge new relationships for a current deal or one in the future. Do take the time to check into the background of any investors you meet that you plan to do business with.

Check out local clubs

Look for real estate investors clubs near where you live. Investors sometimes form local groups for networking purposes, and their meetings are a great way to find, partner and brainstorm with other investors. Social media is usually the easiest place to start your local club search, and you can also scope out area real estate forums.

There’s also nationwide groups, such as the National Real Estate Investors Association (NAREI) and the National Apartment Association (NAA), so look for chapters nearby by using the search feature on the organization’s website.

Finding the right investor for your deal will take digging, but it’s certainly worth it in the end. Always be upfront with your investor so you can foster a solid business relationship for this deal and other deals in the future.

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