When it comes to investing in real estate, you do not want to spend any money unless you know it will provide a return on your investment. You can significantly increase the appeal and the value of any property with a landscape makeover. Many investors focus only on the building and neglect the lawn and other outdoor common areas. You can be sure that every property you own looks fresh and appealing by spending some time and money enhancing the landscape.

Courtyards, barbecue areas, and garden areas

Talk to a landscape designer about the best low-maintenance plants for your area. Screening plants will provide an inviting outdoor space and make the area appear more spacious than the look you get with a privacy fence. Many species of screening plants grow quickly and require only minimal care.

When you think about cost-efficiency, you must consider ongoing upkeep in addition to the initial costs. These areas enhance the value of the property to your tenants and do not cost much to create or maintain. When renters get more usable space for their rent, they feel better about paying each month.

Shade structures vs gazebos

Everyone loves a gazebo, but building one can cost a lot in terms of lumber and time. Unless you use expensive composite materials, they also need routine painting and maintenance. Shade structures are low cost, easy to install, and do not need gutters or downspouts. These shade areas provide occupants with a cool place to get some fresh air and enjoy the outdoors while staying protected from the harmful rays of the sun.

Update concrete patios and sidewalks

If your investment property has one of those ugly grey concrete slabs for a patio or courtyard area, you can economically spruce it up with paving paint. There are also many low-cost paver options available. Long lasting stamped concrete, also called textured or printed concrete, is another option. It comes in unlimited colors and can be made into a variety of shapes and patterns.

By choosing the right color, you can create the illusion of more space. Border the patio with some stones or edging plants for a neat, manicured look.

Landscaping tips for landlords

Include usable outdoor features to make your properties stand out from other available rentals. Fire pits, outdoor cooking areas, and play areas wow potential tenants and have them picturing themselves enjoying many good times at home.

Consider working with a professional landscape designer to enhance the curb appeal of your properties. Just like interior designers, they know how to make the most of whatever space is available. Provide something tenants can’t find anywhere else.

A garden area, edible landscaping, and plants selected to attract birds help tip the scales in your favor when wooing top-quality tenants.

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