There is a lot to learn when you are starting out in multifamily housing investing. Some people choose to go at it alone, doing their own research and learning from their mistakes as they go. Others choose to learn from others’ experience by hiring a multifamily real estate consultant. 

Real estate investment consultants have real-world experience they pass onto clients to help them reach their own investing goals. A consultant can help guide you through the process of becoming an investor for the first time. They can also assist you in making smart financial choices when you’ve been investing for decades. Their services can help you avoid common pitfalls experienced by solo investors.   

Is hiring a multifamily real estate consultant the right choice for you? Make sure you know all the pros and cons of hiring a consultant in the multifamily real estate industry. Understanding the benefits of their services may help you make that final decision. 

1. They are only here to help you succeed


There are a lot of people in the real estate business who have a commission on the line. That doesn’t work to your advantage in most situations. When money is at stake, those paid on commission may be unable to give you smart, impartial advice on your own options. 

A consultant is different. Because there isn’t a big commission on the line, they are working for you and you only. They have no vested interest in anything but your personal success. They only succeed at their job when you succeed at your real estate goals. Because of this, a consultant is a perfect person to help you strategically plan your first or next investment.

Some consultants provide services such as SWOT analysis of your multifamily portfolio. This service can help you identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of your current portfolio. Examining these areas with a knowledgeable consultant can help you develop a strategy to take your investments to the next level. This is all done with your best interests in mind, putting you in the strongest possible position for success. 

2. They shorten the learning curve on investing


Multifamily real estate investing has a long learning curve. It can take you years to fully understand the ins and outs of deal making and market research. It can take many more years to develop the best practices that reduce expenses and increase profits. A multifamily real estate consultant can help you cut that learning time dramatically. They’ve been there, done that and can share their knowledge with you. They can help bring you up to speed quickly and address your most immediate concerns. Their knowledge can also help you avoid unnecessary risk, by filling you in on areas that you might not have considered.

They can also help with the practical side of real estate investment. There is a lot of paperwork involved with real estate, and it’s imperative that it’s all done correctly. That includes things like preparing and reviewing documents for partnerships, providing deal analysis, and setting up budget spreadsheets. They can also assist you in reviewing contracts or writing your investor statement of experience.

They are your go-to source of information, eliminating the need to dig for unreliable documents on the internet. With their help, you don’t end up reinventing the wheel on your way to real estate success.

3. They inspire action towards your goals


Some investors find they couldn’t build their portfolio as well without the help of a consultant. Consultants are like your own personal real estate cheerleader. They can inspire confidence in your investment abilities and help drive you towards action and commitment.

The best real estate consultants don’t blindly cheer you on, though. They also challenge you. A consultant should be your best champion, but also the person who drives you to take calculated chances for bigger successes.   

Investment consultants will ask you to examine your assumptions and biases. Then they will guide you to the right choices based on their own real-world experience. A real estate investment consultant will ask tough questions about prospective multifamily acquisitions. Those tough questions along with your honest answers will help you make choices that move you towards meeting your goals. 

Ready to find a multifamily real estate consultant for your investment dreams?


Whether you are a first-time investor or an investor with decades of experience under your belt, hiring a multifamily real estate consultant can be a smart move. They can help you identify ways to strengthen your portfolio and increase your profitability. A consultant can take an impartial look at your portfolio and help you decide where to go next. 

If you are looking for an experienced consultant who thrives on their clients’ success, get in touch with the Theresa Bradley-Banta team. We offer a free initial consultation so you can learn more about our multifamily real estate investment services and how they can help you meet your goals. Contact us today!

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