Tenant events are a tried-and-true way to help build a sense of community and market vacancies in your apartment complex. These informal get-togethers allow your residents to form bonds and interact with each other while exposing new people to what your property has to offer. They are often part of successful luxury developments.

If you’ve never held a tenant event before or just aren’t sure what to plan, you can try your own variation of one of today’s popular themes. Check out the hottest resident events below to bring some life into your residential community today!

Demos: Educate and entertain

Demonstrations are definitely in, and they’re also a cost-effective way to almost guarantee interaction between your event attendees. People enjoy learning new things and the satisfaction that comes with creating something, making demos a great way to boost event attendance.

Art, photography classes, cooking—there’s a wide variety of instructional event types to choose from. If you’re having a hard time deciding what demo to offer, ask your residents for input. Tap into local resources to find your teacher. You can hire a chef from a popular area restaurant for a cooking lesson, for example, or speak to an area studio for a photography instructor.

Cook-offs: Competition and good food

Competitive cooking shows are popular for a good reason: they combine the natural spirit of competition with delicious food. Hold a cooking challenge event and ask residents to cook or bake their very best example of a particular dish, such as chili, cake or a pie. At the event, have impartial judges pick the winner, and let everyone sample all the dishes entered in the contest. Be sure to award prizes and feature the top dishes in your development’s newsletter!

Sports: Camaraderie and fun

As the seasons change, so do the sports on TV. From hockey to baseball and football, many people enjoy and bond over sporting events, but they don’t always want to go to the local bar or stadium to do so.

Make a major sporting event or big game with the hometown team an event in your development. Have everyone meet in your property’s clubhouse or common area to watch the game, enjoy snacks and socialize. This has become a popular way to connect residents because it’s cost-effective and gives attendees an instant common ground.

Whatever resident event you decide to hold, make sure you market it at least six weeks in advance. Giving your residents enough notice will help ensure everyone has enough time to plan for your next big soiree!

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