Holding an open house for a multifamily residential complex can be challenging, but there are lots of ways to do it creatively. The process doesn’t have to cost a fortune, either. Holding an open house is still one of the best ways to expose a listing to a wide audience, so it is not something that should be overlooked.

1. Take Advantage of Technology

Technology can be used in a multitude of ways to make your multifamily open house more appealing and informative, not to mention fun. Be sure to showcase the features of your open house listing on your website and keep the people on your buyer leads list updated via regular emails.

Social media is another avenue that can be used to promote your open house because you can post photos, videos and even virtual tours of the property. The goal is not to provide an alternative to attending the open house, but to create interest and awareness about it.

Apps such as Open Home Pro will also enable you to connect with the tech-savvy people who attend the open house.

2. Involve Different Groups

While the aim of your open house should be the prospective buyers, they shouldn’t be your only focus. Don’t forget about the people already living in your multifamily residential complex because they’re able to provide great word-of-mouth marketing for the open house.

You can also hold a brokers’ open house that is only for real estate agents. Create a list of all the top-selling agents in the neighborhood for the past year and invite them. You could even consider getting a charity involved to make those typical raffles a little more unique. This will add a feel-good element to the proceedings as everybody loves helping out worthy causes.

3. Grab Attention On The Day

When holding a multifamily open house, it is vital that you grab the attention of people passing by and entice them to come take a look. To increase visibility, you can use traditional methods such as balloons or get a little more creative and employ other gimmicks.

One of the most eye-catching methods is renting a drone to display an open house banner over the property. After all, if people cannot find the open house, all your other efforts will have been for nothing. Consider putting up a welcome sign with relevant information about the properties at the entrance and also look at unique ways to serve refreshments to those who attend.

Making a good first impression still counts, so get creative and make sure that you leave a good impression on everyone attending the open house.

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