by Theresa Bradley-Banta

“How do I find the best real estate markets to invest in?”

It’s one of the most often asked questions I receive.

When I wrote my article Best Cities To Buy Apartment Buildings I believe some readers expected me to tell them exactly which cities they should invest in.

I won’t do that because:

  • There are very few cities where apartment investing is a “bad” idea.
  • It’s best to buy locally when possible—especially if you are a new investor. Long distance property management presents special challenges.
  • Multifamily investors need to continually research and track their investment markets. You must know how to do this.
  • Your exit strategies demand that you know where your market is today and where it might be in the near future.
  • Your success depends on your personal investment strategy.

What Are Your Strategies Today? Tomorrow?

It’s not likely that your investment plan is to keep a property until you die, leaving it to your heirs. It’s not a bad strategy but it’s unlikely. More likely your strategies will include:

  • Refinancing your property after you build equity or your loan terms demand that you refinance.
  • Selling your property when the time is right.

Knowing how to test markets is critical to your success—before you buy and after you own your property.

Timing is everything.

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The Key Criteria for the Best Multifamily Investing Markets

When you research potential investing markets look for:

  • Solid job growth and employment—companies are hiring.
  • Improving economy.
  • Low unemployment.
  • Good to above average population growth and density with high in-migration rates.
  • Increasing rental rates.
  • Increasing leasing activity without tenant concessions.
  • Solid investment neighborhoods.

How do you find this information? You’re in luck!

Checklist for Researching Real Estate Markets

The attached checklist gives you a list of the criteria to apply to each market you study.

And it includes 20 links where you can find the information you’re looking for!

Click on the link and/or the image below to view and download your Checklist for Researching Real Estate Markets. You’ll never look at a real estate market the same way again!

Contact us for a more thorough overview of this checklist and how it might apply to your investment and/or search for new markets. If you really want to know how to research real estate markets this is the stuff you gotta know.

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