Local Apartment Marketing Ideas to Keep Your Property Full

Wouldn’t it be nice to have your local community engaged in promoting your multifamily property? It might be easier than you think. Try these local apartment marketing ideas to generate positive word of mouth advertising. Getting the word out to your community is key.

Local community events

Baseball teams, dance competitions and 5K events all need sponsorship from community businesses to make them happen. Sponsor an event and get your name on a tee-shirt. Name recognition and good will, will come from everyone who reads it.

Classes and recreational outlets

Start a yoga class, a volunteer club or a bowling team to engage your residents. Print tee-shirts with your name and brand, and build a team atmosphere. Post fliers around your community promoting your events. Invite everyone to join in and have fun.

Chamber of Commerce

This is a great way to network locally, get to know other helpful members of the community and promote your apartment building. Learn local politics and create some allies. You might make some friends in the process as well.

Coffee shops and delis

Most communities have a coffee shop or deli where all of the locals go to pick up the morning paper or something hot to drink.

These touchstone locations often have a place for fliers, a bulletin board or a designated space on a wall. Ask permission first, and then post a flier of your building. Naturally, it should highlight your amazing move-in incentives.

Moving companies

There’s a certain synchronicity here. It just makes sense. Join forces with a local moving company. Offer a discount for residents who are referred from the moving company and perhaps the moving company can offer discounts to people using their services on your referral.

Local animal shelters

People who own a pet are often in search of a place to live that is pet-friendly. Consider allowing for pets based on these excellent pet rental policies. Once established, let your local animal shelters know that you welcome certain types of pets.

Toys for Tots

Worthy programs like Toys for Tots are rewarding to be involved with. Host a drop-off location in your lobby to create increased foot traffic and community connections. Use the extra traffic to show off your lobby. Make sure brochures are out and current lease incentives are posted.

Grocery shopping carts and bike stations

People often spend more time in grocery stores than they expect to. You’ve been there, filling up your cart, reading the signs on the carts. You can’t help it. They are a perfect place to advertise your apartment property.

Bicycle rental stations (and bikes) are a great place to advertise your community, too.

Your own events

If you have an attractive lobby or an extra meeting room, allow your fellow Chamber of Commerce members to host events in your extra space. You could charge a small fee or negotiate to leave promotional items at their place of business.

Make sure to also host tenant events in which your residents invite friends and family to participate. Open a staged apartment nearby for guests to visit.

Experiment and have fun

These are just a few creative local apartment marketing ideas to get you started. Engage the community. Make your marketing message a win-win, and momentum will increase traffic to your door.

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