Focus on your clients

The hands-down, best way to get new tenants into your building is through word of mouth. How do you get people talking? Make sure that your current apartment residents really do have a sense of community. There are many ways to create that feeling.

One idea would be to bring the residents together through promoting a One Book, One Community event. Make it a promotional event, create a buzz and partner with the local library or community center. On a publicized day bring all of the participants, residents and guests together by hosting a brunch in your facility to discuss the book. This will create good will among residents and the community. It is also an excellent opportunity to showcase your building. The same day you could offer tours of open apartments. Continue planning events that your apartment community can talk about and anticipate. Soon they will do the advertising for you.

Community events don’t have to be so broad, it depends on the net you would like to cast. Think of the demographic you would like to attract. Where would they go to have fun? The local coffee shops? Story hour at the library? The golf club? Target where your demographic traffic would show up and market that area. Create tailored events that would appeal to your audience and promote your apartment community.

Make sure you have a physical presence

If your building is hidden from view, make sure the local community knows about your existence. Share promotional magnets or brochures to the human resource departments of local companies. Bring cookies to local agencies that might refer your apartment building to customers. Depending on your pet policy, you could create a pet goodie bag with your business card and distribute them to local veterinarians or shelters.

Generating traffic to your apartment community can be tricky if your building is literally out of sight, down a driveway or hidden behind another building. Consider putting up bandit signs directing traffic to your community. Make sure you have wonderful curb appeal to invite potential residents inside once they actually see your building. You get only one chance to create a wow impression.

Get an online presence

As everyone knows from experience, most physical traffic starts as online traffic. Create an inviting website and make sure it is mobile-friendly. Post current promotional events, updates and vital information. Give the potential client a feeling of what it would be like to be a resident through the website. Post an attractive photograph of your building and positive testimonials from your residents. People shop online for everything, inlcuding places to live.

Post informational content on your website, anticipating the questions a potential resident might ask. Videos are the easiest way to engage visitors. Post walk-through tours of your available apartments. After enjoying a video of an apartment, a potential client is much more likely to visit your building. After viewing the videos, invite visitors into your building with monthly promotional events. Give them a reason to walk into your apartment community.

Generating traffic to your apartment building should be approached as a win-win situation for yourself and the local community.

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